The Nevado del Huila vulcano erupts

In Colombia the Nevado del Huila vulcano, situated about 150 miles southwest of Bogota, has erupted.
It's spitting hot ashes.

About 13,000 to 15,000 people have been evacuated at the moment.

There are no data available yet.
No reports about injuries are issued.

The Nevado del Huila is the highest active vulcano in Columbia. It's a Stratovolcano as high as 5364 m that's 17,598 feet.
Right now it has 6 volcanic cones.
In 2007 damaging mudflows occured.

The last month more seismic activity was observed and occasional small ash plumes and a smell of sulphur.


Endeavour has docked at the International Space Centre

The endeavour has docked at the International Space Centre above Singapore at 10.49 CT.

All went smoothly and as expected.


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Endeavour launched

The endeavour has been launched for a long trip to the international space station.

The launch from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida, was a beautiful sight, according to witnesses.
This time it was special because it was nighttime.

This will be the longest space station mission ever: 16 days!

Some goals are to build a Canadian robot and construct part of a Japanese science module.

% space walks are planned.

So there are many records to break on this trip.

Let's hope the 7 astronauts will return safe and sound


Stormwarnings in europe

Stormwarnings are issued for the UK and coast of the continent of Europe.

For the Devon and Cornwall coast severe flood warnings have been issued and 44 other warnings in locations including southern England, and the Severn and Mersey estuaries.

This might be the worst storm of this winter.
England and Wales should reckon with winds of up to 80mph (130km/h).

Blizzards and heavy snow are expected for Scotland.

Ferries have been delayed or cancelled, including those between Dover and Callais.

Steve Winston, Cornwall's emergency planning officer, said a combination of factors, including high spring tides and a very low pressure system, could lead to a "severe" event.

For those who want to see the storm "curling", click here and scroll down a but to see the satelite movie.


Ariane 5 launched

The Ariane 5 rocket has been launched succesfully.
Again and again it's an amazing sight.


Watching landing of Endeavour

You can watch the landing of Endeavour here at the NASA Site.

The landing is a day early because of Hurricane Dean.